Butch Pierre

Joseph U. “Butch” Pierre Jr. was a prep All-American at St. Amant High School in Louisiana and a four-year starting point guard at Mississippi State University where he stayed on as a graduate assistant, thus beginning his journey as one of the most successful assistant basketball coaches in the country.


After attaining a master’s degree in education from his alma mater, Butch coached at Kentucky State University, the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, the University of North  Carolina at Charlotte, North Carolina State University, the University of Memphis, Louisiana State University, and Oklahoma State University. As associate head coach at both LSU and OSU, his teams went to the NCAA tournament, advancing to the Final Four and the second round, respectively. He also served as interim head coach at LSU, only the 19th man to hold that position in a
hundred years. 

Butch has coached Division I & II basketball in the Sun Belt Conference, Conference USA, the ACC, the SEC, and the Big 12. His coaching journey from the lower levels to the Power 5
conferences prepared him with the insights he shares in this book. Known as one of the most successful recruiters in the country, Butch excelled in rebuilding, with an eye for talent and a
knack for turning losing programs into winners: 15 post-season appearances and many conference championships.

Throughout his career, Butch has advised and mentored student athletes to achieve greatness in both the classroom and on the court, emphasizing education and a college degree while still helping many of his players reach their goal of playing in the NBA. Whether naturally gifted or in need of nurture and development,
Coach Pierre did whatever it took to set his players on the right path.

Butch recruited and coached five NBA lottery picks who became instant millionaires, as well as many others who went on to play professionally. His proudest accomplishment as a coach is the great number of former players who went on to coach high  school, college, and professional basketball, as well as those who have excelled in business, education, and as entrepreneurs. And
of course, those who achieved greatness in the most important positions of all: husbands and fathers.


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