What People Are Saying...


"Enjoying my friend @ButchPierre's new book, Growing Up Great! Inspirational read, full of life lessons for coaches and parents. 

Coach Johnny Dawkins



"Growing Up Great touches on all aspects of coaching and will help people reach their dreams and goals. I coached with the man, and Butch has the skills to handle any challenge or obstacle. We can all learn from his poise and patience, and the lessons in this book."

Coach Tubby Smith


"In Growing Up Great, the reader can easily see what made Coach Pierre a successful father, coach, and productive member of society. He is quick to praise others and credit them for his success. What he does not say is how privileged we were to have had such a determined and talented student to inspire us to do our best. Well done, Coach Pierre!"

Robert Boling, Ph.D

"We are so excited to recommend the following book. It was written by Coach Butch Pierre. butch was one of Bob's former undergraduate and graduate students at Mississippi State University. Bob was Butch's adviser and major professor at the time. Butch went on to coach at Louisiana State University, Oklahoma State University, and North Carolina State University. He has written a much needed inspirational book for all ages and all professions on succeeding in life. He even included a chapter on Bob! Congratulations Coach Pierre. Well done. It's definitely worth the read."

Nancy Boling

“Growing Up Great” by Butch Pierre reinforces the basic beliefs and values, that if followed, help all of us treat each other more humanely. His real-life challenges and earned opportunities were approached in a positive manner, choosing love and persistence, over the anger that can arise from prejudiced based treatment, as a pathway to personal and professional success. It is not always a smooth and easy road, but his life experiences expressed in his true words communicates to us, without question, it is the best life pathway with the greatest rewards for self, family and those we interact with.

Ray Wall - Former District JudgeStillwater, OK

"Growing Up Great is a must read for young people entering the military, veterans, and retirees wanting to achieve greatness during their lifetime. It is a road map for developing and maintaining integrity, character, persistence, faith, and family values. My only regret is that this book wasn't available decades ago." 

LtCol (USAF, Ret) Robert Ramsey, Sr.

"I am so proud of my best friend, Butch Pierre. Such a great read for everyone, athletes, parents, coaches, politicians, teachers, and even young adults. Luv u dude. Oh, I forgot about Clemmie. Not possible without Clemmie. She worked extremely hard to make this dream come true."

Brian Jolivette


"This book is everything I thought it would be. I can't put it down but on the other hand, I'm not ready for it to be over either. So many great principles for a coach, leader, or parent. I'm very fortunate to know the author Butch Pierre and worked with him at LSU. I could not have picked a better mentor at a young age. He outdid himself with this one though. Thank you for this book, I'm learning a lot of sharing pieces and parts with our players. Do yourself a favor and pick up a copy of this book ASAP. Well worth your time."

Coach Larry Cordaro


"Well, I figured you'd be the same as me- counting so many blessings, haven't had much time for sleep tonight! Man you slam dunked it big time brother!! I'll be ordering a few more for family and friends and maybe through your website- a few can be signed? I think your anchor word could be God/Family. It's all genuine. The life moments are as fascinating as the success "tips" are educational and inspiring. You did such a classy job describing players/coaches along the way- amazing. God Bless you, Clemmie, and the kids in every full measure." 

Dr. Jeff Burnham

Prov. 3:5,6

"Can't wait to see the reaction of people when the book launches this week. There are some emotionally charged stories that people won't be able to forget and the lessons learned through life and basketball apply to everyone. "Great" is within reach of anyone - and that's basically what the book is about. Congratulations."

Kathleen Hessert


Every spare moment I've had since I received this book, I've been curled up with it. I will definitely have to read this one at least twice! This is one of those that you hate to finish! GREAT! GREAT! GREAT!

Natalie W. Underwood