Growing Up Great

Life Lessons & Coaching


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The Book

Growing Up Great, by Butch Pierre, chronicles his lifelong love and
coaching of basketball and serves as a template for moral and upright
living, in and out of sports. His memoir enlightens the reader to the development of high school and college/university basketball coaching and recruiting, as he grew through the ranks, setting and breaking records, amazing coaches and peers alike while developing his own style.

Butch Pierre also gives a glimpse into his strict upbringing and faith-based family life in Louisiana. His father, who almost died when Pierre was young, miraculously survived to encourage Pierre to strive for greatness in all that he set out to accomplish. Pierre’s promise to his mother that she would one day see him on television buoyed his spirit and underscored his earnest efforts not to disappoint her.


His steadfast adherence to his parents’ teachings, enrichment of his faith,
determination to surpass the ills of society without letting them distract him from his goals clearly illustrates the making of a person of destiny.


Butch Pierre has become one of the most successful assistant basketball
coaches in the country, a great recruiter, and an exemplary husband and parent—not only to his own children—Langley, Joe, and Josh—but also to his young basketball recruits. His lifework is a testament to his belief that anyone, no matter how humble his or her beginnings, can achieve greatness. Furthermore, once greatness is achieved, it becomes
incumbent upon that successful individual to share valuable life lessons with others.